Culinary Maastricht

Enjoy the lovely food that Maastricht has to offer. In addition to the world-class terraces and restaurants, you can discover the history of the old brewery and the centuries-old watermill that still grinds grain for the bakery.

When you spend time in Maastricht, you can enjoy culinary highlights. Naturally it has the best restaurants, but you can also see where the wonderful produce comes from.

Old crafts

Maastricht’s city center has a special attraction: the oldest operating watermill. It is used by a baker to grind wheat to make flavorful bread. You can see the process from grain to bread as well as enjoy a wonderful luncheon.

The Bosch Brewery also brings old crafts to life. At the city brewery you will learn all about the beer brewing process.

Local produce

It is always great fun to eat and drink local product. In Maastricht you can even drink local wine, unique in Holland. You can visit the vineyards. If you want to bring home souvenirs, check out the best shopping spots in Maastricht.

Spending the night in Maastricht

If you want to stay in Maastricht several nights, book one of its many great hotels. There is a range of options in the city center as well as just outside the city.

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