Culinary Maastricht -
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Culinary Maastricht

Enjoy the lovely food that Maastricht has to offer. In addition to the world-class terraces and restaurants, you can discover the history of the old brewery and the centuries-old watermill that still grinds grain for the bakery.
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Cafés and terraces in Maastricht

Discover the best terraces in Maastricht.

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8x restaurants in Maastricht

Explore the exuberant city of Maastricht with its many fantastic restaurants.

Unique culinary experiences

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Discover the oldest working watermill in Holland in the city center of Maastricht.

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The vineyards of Maastricht

The best Dutch wines are produced in the vineyards around Maastricht.

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Brouwerij Bosch

Visit the only remaining city brewery in Maastricht and learn all about brewing craft beers the old-fashioned way.

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