Cultural Maastricht! -
Photo: Tefaf 2013, © Loraine Bodewes

Cultural Maastricht!

Discover the many artistic events, such as Jazz Maastricht and the TEFAF art fair, and enjoy the good life in Maastricht this spring.

  • Enjoy the welcoming and lively atmosphere in Maastricht.
  • Top artists from Holland and abroad at Jazz Maastricht.
  • Visit TEFAF, one of the world’s biggest and most exclusive art fairs.

If you are looking for the good life in Holland, Maastricht is the place to be. Particularly in spring, when the restaurants and cafés set up their terraces outside and the squares are filled with happy people. Go on a wonderful shopping spree in the beautiful shopping streets and visit one of the many cultural events this year.

Jazz Maastricht

One of the biggest events each spring is Jazz Maastricht, when countless top artists perform in various locations. The great thing is the diversity of genres and the links made with other music styles, such as pop, classical, and opera, as well as other artistic disciplines like the theatre, dance, poetry and fashion. An absolute must if you want to enjoy yourself!

TEFAF art fair

TEFAF Maastricht is seen as one of the world’s biggest and most exclusive art fairs. It draws big collectors, museum buyers and art dealers from around the world. In addition to ‘old masters’ and rare antiques, you will find plenty of ‘classical modern art’, twentieth century design, and unique jewellery. It is a must for real art lovers.

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