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Museums in Maastricht

Maastricht’s main art museum is the Bonnefantenmuseum. This museum holds a mixture of medieval and contemporary art. The structure itself is a great architectonic highlight. Other museums are the Natural History Museum, and the Architecture Institute Maastricht.
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Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht

Spend hours looking at the museum’s impressive modern art collection which encompasses Ecole de Paris, Art informel, COBRA, minimal art, Arte Povera and Neo-expressionism


Centre Céramique

Learn more about Maastricht and Limburgs’s cultural heritage in permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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Museum Cellar Derlon Hotel Maastricht

Spend the night at this extraordinary hotel and discover unique archaeological finds from the Roman era, such as a well, road and gateway.


Museum aan het Vrijthof

Enjoy Dutch and Flemish painting from the 17th century and sculpture from the Middle Age and Renaissance periods, among many others.


Gouvernement on the Meuse

An extraordinary building featuring temporary exhibitions of Limburg’s art.

Outside Maastricht

Valkenburg aan de Geul

The small community of Valkenburg is a tourist attraction in itself.

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The white town of Thorn

Visit this special town known for its white houses.


Golf course Margraten

Maastricht’s golf course of choice is Golfbaan Het Rijk van Margraten. Tee off in the hills of Limburg, surrounded by farmland, forests and vineyards.

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Thermae 2000

Travel to the top of the Cauberg, where Thermae 2000 arises like a pale oasis.

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GaiaZOO Zuid-Limburg

Voted most beautiful zoo in the Benelux several times.

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