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Museum aan het Vrijthof

The Museum aan het Vrijthof is a museum showcasing Maastricht’s local history, art and artefacts. Housed in an eye-catching red building called the ‘Spanish Government’, the museum’s collection includes Dutch and Flemish painting from the 17th century and paintings from the Hague School, as well as sculpture from the Middle Age and Renaissance periods.

  • Discover the stunning permanent collection based on the private collection of Wagner - De Wit: 18th century furniture, porcelain, pottery, silver, glassware and carpets
  • Marvel at beautiful 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings as well as works from the Hague School
  • Spend hours exploring the gorgeous Spanish Government’s rooms, filled with artful treasures
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Museum on the Vrijthof presents the cultural identity of the city of Maastricht in the permanent exhibit, “500 Years Made in Maastricht”. Art and various implements will transport you back 500 years to a time when art and craftsmanship flourished. At least as unique as the exhibit is the location of the Museum aan het Vrijthof, in the Spaans Gouvernement (Spanish Government).

Made in Maastricht

500 years ago, Maastricht was a city where creative entrepreneurship reigned supreme, and the foundations of cultural identity were laid. Several rooms in the Spaans Gouvernement have been furnished as period rooms. Video projections and sound fragments take you on a journey to the past. Admire objects varying from furniture to horse pistols, from silver candlesticks to timepieces, and from glassware to porcelain. In addition to this permanent exhibit, there are also temporary exhibits on display at the Museum aan het Vrijthof.

Spaans Gouvernement (Spanish Government)

The Spanish Government is a 16th century chapter house, where Charles V stayed during his visits to Maastricht between 1519 and 1550. In the inner courtyard, you will find carved portrait medallions of Charles V and his wife, Isabella of Portugal, serving as a reminder of that time. The Spanish Government is open every day (except Monday) between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

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