Parking in Maastricht -

Parking in Maastricht

Visiting Maastricht by car? Then make sure that you’re up to date on Maastricht’s parking policy and make sure to pay your fees. Read up here on parking locations, fees and P+R car parks in Maastricht.

  • There is paid parking in the center of Maastricht.
  • You'll pay reduced fees if you park in a Park + Walk within walking distance from the city center.
  • You can park your car free of charge at a P+R outside the city.

Parking in Maastricht

Parking on the street is permitted in Maastricht, but against an hourly fee and only for a limited time (2 to 4 hours). If you wish to park your car for longer than that, you are better off parking in a parking garage, where your car is safe. Fees vary from €1.40 to €3.50 per hour.

Be aware that payment can usually be made by PIN or credit card, but the specific available options vary per parking meter. Failing to pay can net you a hefty fine and in some cases can even result in your car being towed, so be careful!

P+R (park and ride)

Looking for cheap parking? In that case, use one of the P+R car parks in and around the city, from which you can easily and quickly travel to the city centre by public transport. Maastricht also has a number of P+W (park and walk) car parks, which lie within walking distance (10 to 15 minutes) from the centre.

Maastricht has three P+R car parks in and around the city. From P+R Station, you can walk straight to the city centre. P+R Noord is somewhat farther from the centre, but does offer free parking. Outside the city, park at P+R Bunde and get on the train to be ferried to Maastricht Station in five minutes.

A P+W can be found by the Stadspark, at Noorderbrug bridge and at Caberweg. P+W Bonnefanten is only available as a P+W on weekends. All four of these are a ten-minute or less stroll from the city centre, and charge at most €8 per car per day.

For more addresses and information about parking in Maastricht, inquire at your lodgings or with the local VVV tourist office.

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