Saint Servatius bridge, Maastricht
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The Sint-Servaasbrug (St. Servatius Bridge) is a beautiful 13th century stone bridge and one of the most characteristic structures in Maastricht. Anyone walking a straight line from the train station into Maastricht will cross this centuries-old bridge over the Meuse. If you go to Paris, you pose in front of the Eiffel Tower, and if you go to Maastricht, you just have to have your picture taken in front of the Sint-Servaasbrug.

  • This may well be the oldest bridge in Holland.
  • Holland. Stroll or cycle across this 13th century bridge across the Meuse.
  • The bridge connects the old city to the exclusive Wyck.
Sint Servaasbrug
6211 Maastricht
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The bridge of Maastricht

The Romans built a bridge to connect the two banks of the Meuse River, and when this bridge collapsed in 1275, it was rebuilt using stone arches. The bridge did not go by the name Sint-Servaasbrug until 1930. Prior to that time, there were no other bridges over the Meuse, so it was simply known as “the bridge”.

The oldest bridge in Holland

Take the time to take a picture on the Sint-Servaasbrug. If the weather’s nice, it’s a great spot to watch the pleasure boats cruise down the Meuse. Although it cannot be determined with any certainty, the residents of Maastricht are convinced that the Sint-Servaasbrug is the oldest bridge in Holland.

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