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Alkmaar Cheese Museum

The Dutch Cheese Museum is located on the second and third floor of the Cheese Weigh House in Alkmaar. From here, you’ll enjoy the phenomenal view of the world-famous Waagplein square. The Dutch Cheese Museum focuses on the two most famous Dutch cheeses: the small spherical Edam and the big flat Gouda wheel.

  • Discover the history behind making cheese in the Netherlands.
  • You can also admire the beautiful interior architecture.
  • Be sure to visit the cheese market in Alkmaar on Friday.
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Located on the second and third floors of the Alkmaar cheese-weighing house, the Dutch Cheese Museum is designed to explain cheese making, its history, and its place in the culture of Holland. The building was originally a chapel, but has been transferred over the centuries into the weighing house, and now both the weighing house and a museum. Holland has been known for its cheeses for longer than it has been known for tulips. The museum was founded to retain the history of the proud tradition of regional cheese production despite the advent of factory cheese making.

Exhibits and items of interest

The cheese museum has collected many of the common implements used in making cheese throughout history, and explains the difference between making cheese on the farm and in the factory. A guided tour is available with advanced reservations throughout the year. There is a quest through the museum for children. They can play a range of games. Movies and interactive presentations provide a good understanding of cheese production in Holland.

More than Just Cheese

When visiting the north of Holland, a visit to Alkmaar is a welcome diversion from some of the more typical jaunts through the major cities. In addition to the Cheese Museum, the town has many great attractions like the National Beer Museum, the Beatles Museum, and a 90-minute walking tour that will give you an idea of the entire area. The Cheese Museum has areas aimed at children, from a children's play area to a scavenger hunt built into the guided tours. Half-day tours from Amsterdam that visit the regional windmills, a cheese farm, and the Alkmaar city center, including the Cheese Museum and cheese market are available from several tour companies.

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