The Eusebius Church -
Photo: © Eusebius Kerk

The Eusebius Church

Kerkplein 1
6811EB Arnhem
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The historic centre of Arnhem is full of discoveries waiting to be made. Visit the centuries-old St. Eusebius’s Church (the Eusebiuskerk) and learn more about the impressive history and architecture of this ancient church.

One architectural highlight in Arnhem is the Grote Kerk or Eusebius Church with its 93 metre tower. Construction work started in 1450; the church took over a century to complete. It was designed in the Nether Rhine Gothic style of the cathedral in the German village of Xanten.

Unique carillon

The Eusebius Church is a three-aisle cruciform basilica with an extraordinary carillon, which boasts one of the heaviest carillon bells in Holland. There is only one other bell that is heavier. The Reformation occurred in Arnhem in 1578. The church was taken over by the reformed church at that time.


The church was heavily damaged during the battle of Arnhem in WWII. After the war it was fully restored and more restoration work has been done since that time. Today the church is a much-loved exhibition space, with services held only once per month. Address: Kerkplein 1, Arnhem.



Surrounded by nature and filled with culture: this is clearly Arnhem!

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