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Stedelijk Museum Breda

The completely renovated Stedelijk Museum Breda opened in 2017. Those who want to know more about Breda’s history have come to the right place. Take a trip through time along various objects from Breda’s past – from the Eighty Years’ War to today – and discover the story behind this beautiful city.

  • Discover the story behind the beautiful city of Breda.
  • Admire the oldest cityscape.
  • Enjoy the museum's lovely location.
Boschstraat 22
4811GH Breda
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Cityscapes and Faces of the City

The permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum Breda tells the story of the city. The paintings of cityscapes show Breda’s development, from a fortified city to a city that connects people and businesses. The museum is home to Breda’s oldest cityscape. The museum features a varied collection, plenty of social and cultural projects, and a wide range of activities.

The Stedelijk Museum Breda also shows the faces of the city. Meet Engelbrecht van Nassau and his wife Johanna van Polanen, ancestors of William of Orange and Lord and Lady of Breda. The museum also has the works of well-known artists from the city, such as Reinhardt Willem Kleijn and Dio Rovers.

Former Oudemannenhuis

The Stedelijk Museum Breda originated from a collaboration between Breda’s Museum and MOTI, Museum of the Image. The museum is located in the former Oudemannenhuis, one of Breda’s oldest buildings. Until 1954, this was a home for elderly men. The monumental façade with the images of Thijs and Geert, two of the best-known inhabitants of the Oudemannenhuis, is definitely worth a visit.

More in Breda

Breda is a great shopping city. The historic center has many boutiques with a wide range of clothes, shoes, and home accessories. Enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the many Burgundian cafés or restaurants. In the summer, have a delicious drink on one of the terraces.

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