De Delftse Pauw - Free guided tour of the pottery -
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De Delftse Pauw

Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw (The Delft Peacock), is situated along the canal “de Vliet” in a traditional Dutch building. The company offers guided tours. A professional guide will explain about the history and production of authentic Delftware. An attractive show and salesroom with a wide range of authentic Delft can be visited.

  • Discover how the world-famous Delft Blue porcelain is made.
  • Admire the artist’s craftsmanship and buy Delft Blue at factory prices.
  • Do a workshop and paint your own Delft Blue porcelain.
Delftweg 133
2289BD Delft
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The collection of de Delftse Pauw

The painting of Delftware requires high craftsmanship. Professional painters paint the beautiful and very detailed designs by hand. The entire collection is hand-painted. The result can be admired in the show and salesroom at the factory. The collection consists of the blue and white pottery but also the popular multicolored. Prices are factory prices which might make your visit even more interesting.

Guided tours and workshops

Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw is worth visiting.  During the visit a professional multilingual guide will show the rooms where the items are made and painted by hand and will explain the production process. A personal approach which is highly appreciated by the visitors. The tour is free of charge.

Workshops are organized all year round from Monday to Friday. A master painter will explain about the painting technique and after which a tile or another item can be painted.

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