Old Dutch blue bicycle parked by a canal in Delft
Old Dutch blue bicycle parked by a canal in Delft
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Delft Bicycle Itinerary

Delft is the perfect starting point for bicycle tours in any direction. The city centres of The Hague, Schiedam and Rotterdam are all less than twenty kilometres away from Delft and can easily be reached by bicycle in about 90 minutes. Cyclists that prefer nature to the city will enjoy the lovely green itinerary through Delftse Hout. Find some peace and quiet. Ride your bicycle through a beautiful Dutch landscape featuring long stretches of meadows filled with cows, water and pollard willows.

  • Delft is the perfect base for beautiful cycling trips.
  • Walk the streets of this historic city or enjoy serene nature at Delftse Hout.
  • Cycle through a beautiful Dutch landscape.
Delftse Hout has many special highlights and recreational options. Ride your bicycle through beautiful moors and Dutch polders. Circle the Grote Plas, where people lie on the beach and cool down in the water in summer. And visit the Hertenkamp, a city park rich in flora and fauna that boasts several ponds. There are ample places in Delftse Hout where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a quiet lunch.
Departing from the Markt in Delft, pass to the right of the Nieuwe Kerk. Cross the bridge and turn left into the Van Miereveltlaan. After crossing the next bridge turn right again into Aan ’t Verlaat. You are now on a bicycle path, which is one metre wide and takes you directly to Delftse Hout. It would be really difficult to lose your way thanks to the many signposts that map the bicycle network throughout the region. Bicycles are available for rent at Delft railway station. Enjoy the ride in Delft.

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