The Vermeer Centrum in Delft, museum about the painter Johannes Vermeer
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Vermeer Centre Delft

Johannes Vermeer is one of Holland’s best-known artists. The painter lived between 1632 and 1675 and spent his entire life in Delft. Vermeer only made 37 paintings, in which he created his own world. All of them are of an exceptionally high quality. The Vermeer Centre in Delft brings this old master back to life.

  • A look into the personal life of the painter from Delft.
  • Step into 17th century Delft.
  • All his paintings (reproductions) in life sized format.
Voldersgracht 21
2611EV Delft
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The Vermeer Centre Exhibition

Step into the life of Johannes Vermeer and learn more about him, his mentors, his city and the hidden love messages in his work. Learn how this 17th century painter became the master of the so-called ‘Dutch light’.

The Vermeer Centre has high quality images of Vermeer’s whole oeuvre in full size. You’ll get a chance to dive into his studio, where he created the The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The milkmaid and one of the best city views ever, View of Delft.

Vermeer Combi Ticket

A great way to understand Vermeer even more is to walk the streets where he used to walk. With a Vermeer Combi Ticket you receive access to the Vermeer Centre, Museum ‘Het Prinsenhof’, the Old and the New Church, and a map with the Vermeer Tour through Delft.

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