Museum Het Prinsenhof in Delft


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The Museum Prinsenhof in the charming city of Delft presents the history of Prince William of Orange and the creation of the Dutch republic, beautiful 17th century art and, of course, the city’s famous Delftware tradition.

  • Discover the rich and grand history of the Netherlands, starting from the creation of the Dutch republic.
  • Marvel at beautiful and unique Delftware pieces, and learn more about the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit that was behind its global success.
  • Take a look at some of the masterpieces of Delft artists and scientists such as Johannes Vermeer, Michiel van Mierevelt and Hugo de Groot.
  • Visit the historical site where William of Orange was assassinated - even the bullet holes are still there.

Museum ‘Het Prinsenhof’ (The Prince’s Court) in Delft is a former convent from where William of Orange successfully fought against the Spanish occupation in the 16th century. The Dutch Royal House are descendants of William of Orange. Het Prinsenhof shows you how his actions led to the foundation of the Dutch Republic. 

William of Orange

William of Orange’s ideals were simple: freedom of religion, and tolerance. But there was no room for his ideals under Spanish rule. A revolution was unchained between the Calvinist Dutch and the Catholic Spanish in which William of Orange became known as the Father of the Fatherland.

On July 10 1584, William of Orange was assassinated by Balthasar Gerards on a staircase at Het Prinsenhof. His two sons, Maurits and Frederik Hendrik, continued the war and realized the eventual victory.

The Bullet Holes

You’ll learn everything there is to know about William of Orange and the revolt against Spain at Museum Het Prinsenhof. Historical objects, pieces of art and the bullet holes in the wall where William of Orange was shot, bring history back to life. Take this fascinating journey through Dutch history.

2019: Rembrandt & The Golden Age

In this theme year, we commemorate the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death and devote attention to one of the most prosperous periods in Holland’s history. Museum Prinsenhof will offer an exhibition on Pieter de Hooch. Pieter de Hooch is considered one of the foremost masters from Golden Age Delft.

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Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age

Celebrate Rembrandt's life and achievements in Dutch museums during the theme year Rembrandt and the Golden Age.

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Museum Het Prinsenhof
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