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Bossche Bollen: pastries from Den Bosch

No trip to Den Bosch would be complete without tasting the famous Bossche Bol. This traditional Den Bosch pastry treat can be ordered on every café terrace and tastes great with a cup of coffee or tea. They are best eaten upside down, with the chocolate acting as a kind of foundation, or it turns into an impractical, messy affair at best.

Centuries-old recipe

A Bossche Bol is a kind of huge cream puff covered in dark chocolate. The recipe has led to a lot of speculation. The baker Lambermont, who owned a bakery on Vischstraat, sold the tasty treat as early as the 19th century. His version was filled with crème pâtissière, a sort of custard. These days only the baker Jan de Groot, near Central Station, prepares the real Bosche Bollen according to the authentic recipe. They are filled with whipped cream and covered in a layer of chocolate... A delicious treat!

Bon appétit!

The real Bossche Bollen, which are filled with whipped cream, did not appear until the early twentieth century. Every bakery that sells it today keeps its recipe strictly secret. That doesn’t really matter, however, because all you have to do is enjoy it.

Bakery Jan de Groot
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