The most beautiful pedestrian route through Den Bosch


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The most beautiful pedestrian route through Den Bosch

When strolling through the city centre of Den Bosch, you may run into some lovely sculptures, some very old, some very famous, and some very hidden. Such as the statue of Dieske, a little boy who always peed in the Binnendieze on the sly. One day while engaged in this edifying activity, he discovered the intruders who were approaching the city, becoming an instant hero. His statue is hidden on the Herman Moerkerkplein square. Or the bronze statue of Jheronimus Bosch (Jeroen Bosch), the famous painter, which stands across from the 'De kleine winst' shop established in the house where he grew up. So you pay close attention when strolling through town: there is a lot to see, often with great stories. We have sought out a few more tips for you.

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The old city centre of Den Bosch has a rich history and culture, with many famous buildings and cathedrals and a number of extraordinary statues. We created a lovely walking tour that covers these statues, so you can discover all seven of them!

  • Stroll past the most beautiful statues in the city centre of Den Bosch.
  • Learn more about the historical significance of these statues.

Starting point: De Markt

De Markt, or The Market (Square), is a good starting point for your walk. Here you will find the first statue, which represents Jheronimus Bosch (1), also known as Jeroen Bosch. This world-famous painter was born in Den Bosch and is well-known for his satirical style and innovative attitude towards pictorial tradition.
From here you will walk through Kerkstraat towards Saint John’s Cathedral. Along the way you will pass a lovely statue, Musician with Dancing Children (2) dating from 1969.

The Tolling Angel

The statue Saint John and the Eagle (3) can be found right next to the impressive Cathedral of Saint John. You’ll have to look upwards to see another impressive statue called The Tolling Angel, an angel with a direct link to heaven! You might have to search for this one a little, as Saint John’s Cathedral boasts no less than 96 statues.


Leave the square and turn into Hinthamerstraat to discover the famous statue of Dieske (5), a little 15th-century boy who used to secretly urinate in the Binnendieze, Den Bosch’s network of canals. While engaged in this covert activity, he discovered the enemy approaching the city, becoming a hero overnight. This extraordinary statue can be reached through a small alley from Hinthamerstraat.

Zoete Lieve Gerritje

Continue on Hinthamerstraat towards Lepelstraat, where the statue of Zoete Lieve Gerritje (sweet, gentle little Gerrit) (6), a singing woman flanked by a cockerel, can be found on the corner of Korenbrugstraat. In fact, little Gerrit was not a woman at all but a man, and not a sweet and gentle one! He used to steal from the farmers and would celebrate that by taking the stage dressed as a farmer’s daughter. The statue is actually of Gerrit in a woman’s dress.

The Dragon

Continue on Lepelstraat towards Den Bosch Central Station and admire the statue of The Dragon (7), a fountain and work of art representing a dragon on a high pedestal to honour the Queen’s Commissioner, The Honourable P.J. Van Drakestein.

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The most beautiful pedestrian route through Den Bosch