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Philips, Holland’s pride when it comes to electronics, has been making technological discoveries for over a hundred years. The Philips museum chronicles Philips’ history, inventions and significance for the city of Eindhoven.

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Emmasingel 31
5611AZ Eindhoven
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Philips, an electronics company of which the Dutch are extremely proud, was established by Gerard Philips in Eindhoven in 1891. The company initially grew rich by producing light bulbs but many branches of high technology development were later added to this unique, resoundingly Dutch company.

From light bulb to X-ray

The museum tells the company’s story from its first beginnings to the most recent technological innovation, or from the first carbon wire light bulbs to the most modern lighting systems. Philips has been a pioneer in the evolution of lighting for over a hundred years now. All these steps are shown and illustrated in the exhibition.

Philips and wellbeing

However, there is more. These days, in addition to lighting Philips also focuses on healthcare and lifestyle. The company develops products to improve the wellbeing of its customers. It started during WWI, when Philips started developing X-ray equipment, after which they continued to work on behalf of medical imaging. Experience the history, Philips’ significance to the city of Eindhoven, and much more about Philips at the new museum. Do drop by if you are in the neighborhood!

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