Strijp-S, Eindhoven
Strijp-S, Eindhoven
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Strijp-S: the creative city in Eindhoven

Eindhoven, Holland’s city of design, is in full development. Discover the many architectural gems, including Strijp-S, the creative city on what used to be the site of Philips.

  • Discover what’s brewing on the design side of Eindhoven.
  • Visit a concert in the dazzling new music centre.
  • Savour the creative ambience in Strijp-S.
One would expect a city with a population of some 225,000 people to boast a broad range of cultural facilities. Eindhoven, however, also known as Holland’s design city, takes it just a little bit further. In recent years, the city has acquired a new music centre and added another space to its Stadsschouwburg (municipal theatre). And its latest project Strijp-S is simply extraordinary.


Strijp-S aims to become the Creative City in Eindhoven. The property consists of several historic buildings and used to be owned by Philips, still a major Dutch corporation. The terrain was transformed into an extraordinary urban area accommodating a unique mix of facilities for living, working and relaxing in creative surroundings. It has an imposing, robust and industrial look and feel.

Space for creativity

You will find creativity and culture all over Strijp-S, which has become a place for artists, designers, theatre-makers and musicians to showcase their work. If you want to see why Eindhoven is one of the most creative cities in Holland, you definitely have to visit artistic Strijp-S.

Address: Entrance of Klokgebouw: Beukenlaan, Eindhoven.

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