5x restaurants in Groningen


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Groningen is a city with many faces, offering much in the areas of culture and events and a broad range of pleasant cafes and excellent restaurants. We have listed five of the best restaurants for you.

  • Enjoy excellent cuisine in northern Holland.
  • Discover 5 great restaurants in Groningen.
  • Dine and spend the night in the Prinsenhof, a beautiful and monumental building.

1. Restaurant Voila

Voila serves its guests according to the table d’hôte principle. There is, in other words, no fixed menu – the daily. Fresh and titillating French food – it’s highly recommended. Dinner on the terrace is wonderful in summer!

Address: W.A. Scholtenstraat 39, Groningen

2. Goudkantoor

On Grote Markt square, in one of Groningen’s most unique buildings, lies cafe restaurant Goudkantoor. This establishment offers excellent food in a uniquely decorated setting, and in the summer has a spacious terrace for you to enjoy. Dinner on the upper floor is particularly memorable, as it offers a beautiful view of the city.

Address: Waagplein 1, Groningen

3. Bottega Toscana Boccaccio

Enjoy Tuscan cuisine with a large selection of antipasti, meat and fish courses prepared using the famous golden-green Tuscan olive oil. A simple but pleasant interior bursting with Italian conviviality. The interior garden is a wonderful place to sit in summer.

Address: Steentilstraat 38, Groningen

4. Bistro 't Gerecht

This bistro has excellent reviews on the web! The hospitable staff offers a warm welcome. Opt for a surprise menu with matching wines and enjoy a perfect night on the town in Groningen.

Adress: Oude Boteringestraat 43, Groningen

5. Prinsenhof

In a beautiful monumental building with authentic elements, dinner at restaurant Prinsenhof is a unique experience. To dine here is to enjoy exquisite French courses à la carte. In addition to lunch and dinner, spending the night in Hotel Prinsenhof, which is also highly recommended!

Address: Martinikerkhof 23, Groningen

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5x restaurants in Groningen

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