Parking in Groningen -
Groningen City

Parking in Groningen

Traveling by car to Groningen for the day? This page offers information on rates and locations so you’ll come well prepared to find a parking spot.

Parking in the city center

Parking spaces in the city center of Groningen are available in the streets or an underground car park. Prices vary from a minimum of 1.50 euros per hour to 3.33 euros per hour. The further away the car park is from the center of the inner city, the cheaper it is.

There is a maximum parking time of 2 or 3 hours around the center. The maximum in the actual center is 60 minutes. Always check the parking meter to verify the maximum parking time. If you want to stay longer, an underground car park is the better option.

P+R (park and travel)

A very economical way to park is the P+R. You can find these in Haren, Zernike, Kardinge and Hoogkerk, where parking is free of charge. From here, you can easily travel to the city center by public transport.

For more addresses and information about parking in Groningen, please contact your accommodation or the local VVV tourist office.

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