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Cathedral Basilica of Sint Bavo

It may be a bit confusing but Haarlem has two Sint Bavo churches. The Protestant St. Bavokerk can be found on the Grote Markt. The Catholic Cathedral Basilica of Sint Bavo is located just outside the city centre. It is a relatively new church that was completed in 1930 and was soon elevated to the status of basilica by the Pope. The Cathedral Basilica of Sint Bavo is the second largest church in Holland and definitely worth a visit.

  • Admire the magnificent architecture of the Cathedral Basicila of Sint Bavo.
  • Take a look at the art treasures in the KathedraalMuseum beneath the church.
  • Guided tours of the basilica are offered every day.
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Construction of the church

The founders made every effort and investment to turn the Cathedral Basilica of Sint Bavo into an extraordinary construction. In terms of size it equals Cologne Cathedral. Its exterior has been decorated with countless special ornaments, and its interior has also been decorated extensively and boasts a radiant cupola. The basilica’s interior was never completed due to a shortage of funds, however.


As if the architecture, organ, ornaments, decoration and size of the Cathedral Basilica of Sint Bavo were not imposing enough, you’ll also find the KathedraalMuseum filled with extraordinary art treasures in the crypt beneath the cathedral.

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