The Dolhuys -
Photo: © Dolhuys Museum Haarlem

The Dolhuys

Schotersingel 2
2021GE Haarlem
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The museum is temporarily closed due to building adaptation work. The doors to the Dolhuys will reopen in April 2020.

In the 16th century the Dolhuys served as the city ‘madhouse’ but it has not been used as such for a long time. Today the Dolhuys is an interactive museum that lets you explore the world of mental disorders in a surprising and exciting way. It has received several awards for the special way in which it helps visitors better understand the discipline of psychiatry.

  • Immerse yourself in the history of psychiatry at the Dolhuys.
  • This museum is located in the sixteenth century ‘dolhuis’, the place where the ‘dollen’ or crazy people were institutionalized.
  • Het Dolhuys has won several awards for its special collection and exhibitions.


The main collection of the Dolhuys revolves around the history of psychiatry and how doctors handled madness through the centuries. As you should in an experiential museum, you will experience the thin boundaries between normal and crazy. You will be talking about your fascinating experience at the Dolhuys for days.

In addition to its permanent collection the museum also organises temporary exhibitions. These always revolve around the theme of psychiatry.

Visit the Dolhuys

The Dolhuys won the European Museum of the Year Award in 2007, further proof that visiting this museum is definitively worth your while. It is located just behind Haarlem Central Station and is open to visitors from Tuesday through Sunday. Do something crazy, visit the Dolhuys!

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