Sights & landmarks in Leiden

Dutch Traditions

Hortus Botanicus Leiden

The oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands.


Hooglandse Kerk

The Hooglandse Kerk was never completed and yet it is a beautiful monumental church in Leiden.


The Zijlpoort

In summer, the Zijlpoort is an excellent place to have a cocktail and enjoy the view of the boats sailing by.

Sights to see

Canals of Leiden

After Amsterdam, Leiden is the city with the greatest number of bridges, canals and moats. Discover Leiden from the water.


Pieterskerk church

Visit the oldest church in Leiden and admire its beautiful interior.


The Leiden bridges

The Visbrug and Koornbrug are the two most beautiful bridges in Leiden.


Leidse hofjes

Countless idyllic inner courts and gardens lie hidden from sight behind high walls and closed gates.


Morspoort city gate

Find a table on a terrace on the western edge of the city right next to the centuries-old city gate.


The Leiden Citadel

Climb the thousand year old citadel in the centre of Leiden.

Sights to see


The Academiegebouw, which is infamous for its ‘sweating room’, is the oldest building in Leiden.

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