Naturalis Leiden


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Over 10.000 animals, plants, stones and fossils are on display at Naturalis in Leiden. You’ll see dinosaurs, mammoths, dolphins and giant crabs, but also fascinating stones like emeralds and crystals. Naturalis is a treasure chamber of everything our planet has to offer. 

The Discovery of Earth

The Naturalis museum tries to give you an idea of how the world began and how it evolved. You will discover all the ins and outs of our planet. There’s a quest and all sorts of activities for the children. No other place in Holland has so much biodiversity under one roof.

The Earth at Naturalis

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about planet earth can be found at Naturalis. The museum is just a five minute walk away from Leiden Central Station. People of all ages are welcome.

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Darwinweg 2
2333CR Leiden
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