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The Netherlands has twelve provinces: Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Utrecht, Flevoland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland and Limburg. A Dutch province fulfils responsibilities of regional importance and is the connection between the national government and the local municipalities.

North Holland

In addition to Amsterdam, we also recommend visiting Haarlem, Alkmaar and authentic villages like Volendam and Marken.

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South Holland

Are you looking for flower-bulb fields and the Kinderdijk windmills, as well as big cities? Then we recommend visiting South Holland.

Provincie Zeeland


In Zeeland you will find the perfect combination of beach, sea, dunes and historic areas.


Come to the north and discover the eponymous capital, beautiful Wadden area, and the old village of Bourtange.

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Visit the northern province of Friesland and discover their own unique language, culture, delicacies and the breathtaking nature reserve of the Wadden Islands.

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If you’re looking for a holiday bursting at the seams with natural beauty, fascinating culture and culinary delight, then you can’t go wrong in Gelderland’s regions: the Veluwe, the Arnhem-Nijmegen area, Rivierenland and the Achterhoek.

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Visit the Hanseatic cities of Kampen and Zwolle, but also natural reserves like the Weerribben and IJsseldelta.

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Discover Holland’s newest province! Enjoy the multifaceted destination of Flevoland with its beautiful nature, history, water sports and modern architecture.

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Visit this province full of castles, special natural landscapes and beautiful cities like Amersfoort and Utrecht.

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North Brabant

North Brabant has many delights to offer including nature reserve De Biesbosch, museums and attractions for young and old. North Brabant is also the province where Vincent van Gogh was born. The famous artist's work and life can be explored in many unique locations.

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Discover multifaceted Limburg with the best restaurants, historic cities and varied natural landscapes.