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The ‘hunebedden’ are an emblem of the province of Drenthe. They were created by peasant tribes 5000 years ago. 54 of these graves have stood the test of time. Each passage grave is a tomb made from enormous, solid stones. The stones were left behind after the penultimate ice age and weigh up to 40 tons each.

  • The hunebeds are the oldest monuments in Holland.
  • These graves were erected five thousand years ago by members of the Funnel Beaker Culture.
  • Visit the Hunebed Centre in Borger and discover more about these mysterious structures.

Passage Graves of Drenthe

The hunebed stones are so big and heavy that people used to believe they had been built by giants. These days we know better. Some 3000 years BC, members of the Funnel Beaker Culture built these gigantic structures to bury their dead.

The Hunebed Centre

You will discover everything you want to know about these mysterious people at the Hunebed Centre in Borger. The museum stands near the biggest remaining hunebed in Holland. Admire the objects found in the hunebeds and enter the replica Stone Age house to discover how the Funnel Beak Culture people lived thousands of years ago.

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