Visit Batavialand and discover 7,000 years of history. -
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In Batavialand in Lelystad, you travel through 7,000 years of Dutch history. Here, the national DNA of the Dutch is brought to light. Learn about the Netherlands and the life of the Dutch; stories about life on the border between land and water. A border that has shaped us as a country.

  • Join us on a journey through our history.
  • Learn all about the origins of Flevoland.
  • Find yourself on a VOC ship in the 17th century.
Oostvaardersdijk 113
8242PA Lelystad
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The Batavialand Museum takes you on a journey through Dutch history that began 7,000 years ago. Did you know that back then people were already living in the area that is now known as Flevoland? Come to know all about this gripping piece of history in the Primal exhibition.

What is now Flevoland has had various shapes and sizes. 7,000 years ago, the area was covered by land, then water and eventually land again in the 20th century thanks to the Dutch. Hence, "Land made by man" is sung in Flevoland's national anthem. All this is depicted in the De Flevowand exhibition, which covers the past and future of the Zuiderzee project.

The shipyard

The Batavialand shipyard takes you on a journey into the world of historic shipbuilding, crafts and the Golden Age. Board the famous reconstruction of the VOC return ship Batavia. An incredible amount of work is being done on the quayside in Batavialand to keep this ship in good condition. Volunteers show and tell the most beautiful stories about marine life, the VOC and the customs on board. It really takes you back to a different era!

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