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Bataviawerf is a shipyard showcasing the two most authentic reconstructions of 17th century ships ever made. The Batavia and De 7 Provinciën - the battleship of Dutch hero Michiel de Ruyter - bring to life the stories of people during the Dutch Golden Age.

  • Discover authentic replicas of two of the most famous ships during the Dutch Golden Age
  • Learn about traditional shipbuilding crafts from on-site woodcarving, rigging and forging workshops
  • Wander around the decks of the grand Batavia and pretend you’re back in 1628

Thanks to its shipbuilding industry and unprecedented business acumen, Holland was one of the most powerful countries in the world for nearly a century. At the Bataviawerf shipyard you can discover the secret of wooden ships, spices and long trade missions to ‘The East’.

The VOC and the Golden Age

During the 17th century, Holland started the very first stock exchange in the world and, with painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, had an excellent international reputation culturally. Thanks to the establishment of the trading company the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company) in 1602, Holland profited for nearly two centuries from a trade monopoly with Asia and had one of the most powerful sea fleets in the world. At the end of this so-called Golden Age, Amsterdam was the leading trade centre in the world, far surpassing London and Paris.

Ships of Bataviawerf

At the Bataviawerf shipyard you will find two replicas of famous VOC ships, the ‘Batavia’ and the ‘Zeven Provinciën’ (Seven Provinces). Both ships are full-size and built using the same materials as the original. You can experience how life was on board of these ships. If you’re lucky you’ll even witness the firing of the cannons.

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