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Lelystad is only a few decades old, but despite her young life offers plenty of opportunities for a surprising day out. Because of its location on the waterfront there are many water sports facilities. Besides windsurfing and sailing Lelystad is also known for its history museums and shopping.

Highlights of Lelystad

The Bataviawerf Shipyard is home to two life-like replicas of the VOC ships. You can learn all about the history of the Dutch Golden Age and East India Trading Company. At the Nieuw Land Erfgoedmuseum (New Land Heritage Center) you’ll see how a new province was drawn up from the sea floor. People travel from far away to spend a day shopping at Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. A great funpark is Aviodrome, where the world of aviation is explained to young and old.

Visit Lelystad

Lelystad is the capital of Flevoland. Besides shopping, water sport facilities, two history museums and a funpark, you can forget about time in its surrounding nature. The lakes Oostvaardersplassen and Natuurpark Lelystad present a wild landscape with swamps, dunes, grasslands and a varied wildlife, including hundreds of bird species and Przewalski's horses.

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