Dutch Traditions


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Did you know that Holland’s biggest flower bulb area is in Flevoland? The Noordoostpolder in particular boasts beautiful tulip fields.  

  • Cycle past the tulip fields at the annual tulip festival.
  • Explore the former island of Schokland.
  • Spend a night in the beautiful landscape of the Noordoostpolder.

The Noordoostpolder was created when the Zuiderzee was reclaimed from the sea. Today this area is covered in flower bulb fields. In spring you can cycle or walk through the beautiful landscape and take part in the annual tulip festival. A predetermined route can be followed by bicycle or car to view the fields, stopping at several places that offer activities. You can pick your own tulips in the flower garden or explore the beautiful private farm gardens.


The village of Schokland used to be an island in the Zuiderzee. When the land was reclaimed from the sea, the island became dry land. Schokland was the first Dutch monument to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spending the night in the Noordoostpolder

What could be more beautiful than a tulip field at sunrise? Book a hotel in this area and enjoy the beautiful landscape to the fullest.

Dutch Traditions


Admire the famous Dutch flowers in the fields, at the floating flower market or at the flower parades.