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Flevoland may be a young province that was created by human hands, yet this province is also the proud owner of one of the most unspoiled nature reserves of Europe. At the time of drainage of the twelfth province of the Netherlands, Flevoland, there were initially plans to turn the Oostvaardersplassen into an industrial zone. However, because the ground was wet preference was given to an area where nature would have a free hand. Now, it is a marsh area with reed plains, grasslands and ponds that resides a wealth of flora and fauna.

The flora and fauna of Flevoland

The Oostvaardersplassen is an outstanding bird area. From Oostvaardersdijk and Knardijk you can study the Eurasian spoonbill, sea eagle, cormorant, egret, acrocephalus, black stork and many other bird species. The dikes are also called "bird boulevards".

Foxes, deer, hares, bats, and countless insects found the nature reserve on their own. Staatsbosbeheer, a governmental agency that manages the nature reserves of the Netherlands, has decided to give nature a hand and set Heck cattle, Konik horses and red deer out to graze freely.

Much of the nature reserve is closed to the public, so that nature can take its course in an undisturbed manner. Still, in the part that is accessible to all, you can admire all the flora and fauna, including primary forest, reed beds, ponds and large herbivores.

Oostvaardersplassen visitor center

Before admiring the natural beauty of the Oostvaardersplassen, it is best to visit the visitor center at the Kitsweg in Lelystad. Experts can provide you with cycling and walking routes, but also with fun excursions and activities with guides and forest rangers. During these expeditions, you will hear fascinating stories and see the most amazing places of the area.

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