Frisian Nature Museum


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Ever wanted to walk across the bottom of a water-filled ditch? At the Frisian Nature Museum, you can actually do this, and so many other exciting activities. The Frisian Nature Museum has three floors of information, unusual plants and animals, assignments, experiments, games and other surprises - all just waiting to be discovered!

  • Elected ‘Best Kidsproof museum’ and ‘Best outing in Friesland’ in 2016.
  • Suitable for young and old.
  • One of the highlights: walk across the bottom of a ditch and discover ‘Friesland under Water’.

Underwater Friesland

In ‘Underwater Friesland’, you’re given the opportunity to “descend” to the bottom of a ditch, and see the beautiful life under water. As you walk under the duckweed and between the aquatic plants, you’ll come across diving cormorants, pikes in their hiding spots, and a dangerous looking catfish. And the amazing part is: your feet will stay dry the whole time!

Friesland under Water is being renovated in 2017 and is not open to the public. 

Darwin’s Attic       

At Darwin's Attic (Darwin’s zolder in Dutch) visitors can discover Darwin's theory of evolution. He built on his predecessors' ideas. Time is devoted to theories that led to the theory of evolution, as well as the risks associated with a broad interpretation of it. 

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