Museum Dr8888

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Museum Drachten or Museum Dr8888 is a beautiful art museum located in the northern province of Friesland. Showcasing a large collection of unique works from the De Stijl and Dada art movements, the museum pays tribute to the avant-garde with its dazzling visual art collection.

  • Discover a treasure trove of vibrant Dada and De Stijl artworks.
  • Marvel at paintings and art works by Theo van Doesburg, Kurt Schwitters and Thijs Rijnsma.
  • Venture out and explore the influences of De Stijl on the colourful houses of the Parrot District.

An excellent collection of Dada and De Stijl art

Museum Dr8888’s collection consists of visual art from the early 20th century including works by Theo van Doesburg, Kurt Schwitters, Thijs Rijnsema, Ids Wiersma and many others. Around 1920, Drachten became a special place for the De Stijl movement when prominent painter and architect van Doesburg developed a friendship with the two artist brothers from the town, Evert and Thijs Rijnsema.

Parrot homes

Even the homes nearby the museum in the so-called Parrot District are influenced by the colourful art movement. These quirky houses located around Torenstraat are designed by architect Cees Rienks de Boer and was decorated by Van Doesburg in De Stijl’s signature primary colours: red, yellow and blue.

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