Bergh Castle -

Bergh Castle

The impressive Castle Bergh lies at the edge of the medieval town of ‘s-Heerenberg. One of the largest and most important castles in Holland, it houses an exceptional art collection which includes a portrait gallery, Northern European works of art, early Italian masterpieces, medieval books, an armory, and a coin collection.

  • Enjoy the unique art collection.
  • The castle looks exactly as if people were still living there.
  • Have a delicious lunch or dinner at Castle Café Heeren Dubbel.
Hof van Bergh 8
7041AC 's-Heerenberg

Spend the night in a castle

The history of the construction and inhabitants of the Castle Bergh dates back to the Middle Ages. Over the course of time, fires, wars, expansions and beautifications have changed the appearance of the castle. Once a medieval defensive fortress, the property was gradually transformed to become a beautiful castle.

A number of the original defense towers have been converted into luxury suites with modern facilities. At Castle Bergh, you really can spend the night in a castle. Located in the former coach house, Castle Café Heeren Dubbel serves everything from a cup of coffee to three-course menus and tastings.

Interior, weapons room, mint

The castle is decorated as an inhabited residence. The interior boasts works of art from the late Middle Ages such as paintings, illustrated manuscripts and sculptures. The medieval tower houses a weapons room, and offers beautiful views out over the surrounding area. In the Mint building next to the castle you can mint your own coins, under the guidance of a mintmaster (by appointment only).

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