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De Gelderse Poort National Landscape

De Gelderse Poort is a unique and beautiful landscape of rivers and home to unique plants and wildlife – a wonderful area for walking and cycling.

  • Experience the beautiful natural landscape of the Gelderse Poort.
  • Discover many wild animals, such as beavers, badgers and terns in De Gelderse Poort National Landscape.
  • After a long walk or cycling trip, take some time relax at one of the pleasant local cafes or restaurants.
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From the German border to Nijmegen, the Waal River flows through a landscape that is characterized by floodplains, levees, dunes and the push moraine on which Nijmegen and Ubbergen were founded. Gelderse Poort, as this National Landscape is called, is a river landscape with a long history of habitation. Archeologists have made discoveries that refer to the Roman times, and Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. In short, it is high time that you see with your own eyes why people have been attracted to this area for many years.

Beavers, geese, and wild horses

For centuries, people have done everything they could to keep the water of the River Waal in check. However, since two decades the river banks in the Gelderse Poort have been given back to the river. The result of this action is a varied and rugged landscape of lakes, reed marshes and forests. Foresters and nature lovers have discovered many new plants and herbs here in recent years.

If you walk through the Gelderse Poort, chances are you'll come face to face with wild horses and cattle. There is no reason to be afraid of these impressive beasts, but do not try to pet them. Other special animals that have migrated back to the Gelderse Poort are the beaver, badger, black tern, bluethroat, skylark and corn crake. During winter more than 150,000 geese come over to stay here.

Nature and Nijmegen

Cycling, walking and fishing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in the Gelderse Poort. There are plenty of facilities and restaurants to make your trip that much more enjoyable. Many hikers come here to prepare for the Nijmegen Four Day Marches, the biggest walking event in the world, that is organised in this region every year.

It is not likely that you'll grow tired of the natural beauty, but if you want to enjoy city life then Nijmegen is just around the corner. Museums, terraces and shops abound in this lively university city.

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