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In the Veluwe region, in the forelands of the river IJssel, lies the charming Hanseatic town of Hattem. This 800-year-old town has a rich history that is still clearly visible today.

  • Hattem is the Hanseatic town in the Veluwe region.
  • Admire the 12th-century St Andrew’s Church.
  • Hattem has no less than 3 museums, including the Anton Pieck Museum.

What to do in Hattem

Hattem is an 800-year-old town with gorgeous monuments to admire. For instance, you cannot afford to miss St Andrew’s Church, a Romanesque edifice whose foundations were laid as far back as 1200 and that still has many elements from that time, such as a unique 13th-century baptismal font. The 17th-century town hall and the town’s characteristic entrance gate, the ‘Dijkpoort’, are also among the icons of this charming town.

Aside from unique buildings, Hattem is home to no less than 3 museums. In the Voerman museum, you can learn more about past history. At the Anton Pieck Museum, you will step into the fairy-tale world of Anton Pieck, best remembered today for De Efteling theme park. In the Bakery Museum, you will learn the history of bread and baking – fun for the kids, as well!

Beyond all the gorgeous buildings and culture, Hattem is surrounded by gorgeous nature. It is situated in the Veluwe area, well known for the wonderful hikes and cycling trips to be taken there, for instance across the estate of castle Molecaten. An observation tower has also been constructed here, commanding a breath-taking view of the area.

Good food in Hattem

If, after a varied day in Hattem, you feel like going out for a delicious meal, Herberg Molecaten (Molecaten 10) is a good place to satisfy that urge. Another great option is ’t Spookhuys (Adelaarshoek 18), located in the last-remaining Medieval fort. Banka (Markt 5) is a good choice for drinks and food with a view of the historic inner city.

Spending the night in Hattem

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Editors’ tip:

Visit the herbal gardens behind the great church of the French School. A beautiful, hidden little corner right in the centre of the Hanseatic town of Hattem.

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