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Taste the season: Dutch strawberries

Wonderfully refreshing and incredibly healthy – the Dutch love their strawberries. Plain with a little sugar, on a sandwich or made into jam… We call them ‘kings of summer’ or Zomerkoninkjes!

  • Today, the strawberry season lasts from March to December.
  • Pick your own strawberries and taste them fresh from the land.

Strawberries are chockfull of vitamin C and were used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Today we mainly eat them on bread, in desserts or made into tasty jam.

How are they grown?

Strawberries are usually cultivated in regular soil but they can be grown in pots and in glass and plastic greenhouses. As a result, today the Dutch grow them practically throughout the year from early March to the end of December. By heating in winter and cooling in summer, some growers try to stretch the season even further.

Strawberry season

Real strawberry season, meaning grown in the open air, starts every year around June. The strawberry plants take about 6 to 8 weeks to offer up another harvest. Picking strawberries is a delicate job because the fragile fruit is easily bruised, but then you get to enjoy truly sweet ‘kings of summer’.

Taste fresh strawberries

The Betuwe in Gelderland is the fruit-growing region in Holland. There are many farmers where you can see strawberries being grown in summer and even pick your own. A great activity with the kids!

We selected three wonderful addresses for you to go pick and taste strawberries:

1. Groot Antink

From mid June onwards, you can pick several kinds of fruit including red berries, raspberries and strawberries here. The farm shop also sells homemade jam (grandmother’s recipe) and other regional produce. We recommend them!

Address: Vredenseweg 106, Groenlo

2.Hof van Twello

From mid June onwards, you can pick strawberries on the 18 hectare field.

Address: Rijksstraatweg 17, Twello

3. Fruitbedrijf de Hoenderik

You can pick strawberries here from mid June.

Address: Lingedijk 180, Tricht

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