Taste the season: Venison


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The Achterhoek region with its beautiful nature and historic cities is wonderful throughout the year. Culinary lovers will prefer to visit in autumn, however. Around mid-October, when the hunting season is open and hares, pheasants, wild ducks and roebuck are freely available, many restaurants serve the best venison dishes.

  • Venison season traditionally runs from mid-October to the end of December.
  • Discover many types of flavourful mushrooms.
  • Try the best venison dishes at the 5 restaurants in the Achterhoek.

Venison season

Traditionally, the period from mid-October to the end of December is considered venison season in the Achterhoek. In addition to a wide range of excellent meat, this is also the season of mushrooms. From chanterelles to oyster mushrooms, many types of mushrooms are combined with fresh venison to create the best venison dishes.

Top 5 venison restaurants in the Achterhoek

1. Gasterij de Gulle Waard

This restaurant can be found in a unique spot in the Achterhoek with the forest as its colourful backdrop. The kitchen serves regional produce so the unique flavours of the Achterhoek can be found on your plate.

Address: Mr. Ten Houtenlaan 4, Winterswijk

2. Hotel Villa Ruimzicht - @ARTHURS

Villa Ruimzicht is a wonderful villa dating from 1853 surrounded by centuries-old trees. A picturesque location in this Dutch landscape. Chef Arthur Ross is a culinary trend watcher who loves to surprise you with a fantastic seasonal menu from his own region. You can also spend the night at the hotel.

Address: Ruimzichtlaan 150, Doetinchem

3. Restaurant Wolfersveen

Restaurant Wolfersveen has been well-known for over 35 years and is the number 1 venue for venison. It is located in the middle of a hunting area so you can spot the animals from the restaurant. As a result Wolfersveen boasts the biggest and most comprehensive venison menu with roe deer, hares, wild boar, snipe, wigeon and garganey. Everything is prepared with respect and love for nature.

Address: Ruurloseweg 38, Zelhem

4. Hotel café restaurant de Gouden Karper

This is one of the oldest and most reputed catering businesses in the Achterhoek; de Gouden Karper (‘the Golden Carp’) dates from the year 1642. Its cuisine is traditional, preparing dishes the time-honoured way. The interior is inspired by the Achterhoek and Dutch style and makes for wonderfully informal, pleasant surroundings.

Address: Dorpsstraat 9, Hummelo

5. Grand Bistro De Rotonde

Grand Bistro De Rotonde is located in the centre of Vorden, the village of castles. The best dishes are prepared here with love and a passion for venison.

Address: Kerkstraat 3, Vorden

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Taste the season: Venison