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Zutphen, founded by the Franks during Roman times, has been inhabited for about 1700 years. Zutphen is a Hanseatic town, making it one of Holland’s oldest towns, which can still be seen in its great many historic and cultural highlights. With over 450 national monuments, Zutphen is a unique city in Holland.

  • Discover Zutphen, the magnificent Hanseatic town with a great many monuments.
  • Go shopping in the unique boutiques and stores in Zutphen.
  • Rent a bicycle – or two, or more – and explore Zutphen’s gorgeous surroundings, full of historic castles and beautiful nature.

What to do in Zutphen

Take a boating trip along the splendid river Berkel and enjoy this ancient Hanseatic town on the banks of the river IJssel. Strolling through the centre, you will pass through handsome shopping streets, discover beautiful courtyards and spot centuries-old fortifications.

Amidst all that Medieval beauty, you will also find a modern city with a significant number of sights and a broad range of stores with a great many specialist shops. The city is home to various great hotels and a large number of restaurants, cafes and bars. In summer, the terraces in the city centre and along the river IJssel are wonderful places to sit.

To the east of Zutphen, the green village of Warnsveld has not only a handsome village centre but is also situated on the edge of beautiful nature reserves. Castles, estates and lush forests are right around the corner. And what could be more enjoyable than combining a visit to Zutphen with a cycling trip through a dazzling landscape?

Museums in Zutphen

The Stedelijk Museum and Museum Henriette Polak have joined forces at the Hof van Heeckeren, a seventeenth-century national monument, since 2017. Admire some of the oldest archaeological finds at the Stedelijk Museum. Museum Henriette Polak displays modern visual arts.

Where to find great food in Zutphen

Anyone looking to have a pleasant and delicious meal in Zutphen will find themselves spoilt for choice. To make matters easier for you, we have listed a number of restaurants for you.

SchultenHues *
This modern gastronomic bar can be found in the center of Zutphen in a historic location. It has been awarded a Michelin Star for many consecutive years now. Chef Peter Gast surprises his guests with a perfect number of dishes and beautiful wine combinations.
Address: ‘s Gravenhof 5

Bio-Toko Noorderhaven

For real Indonesian flavors you visit the BioToko. You can enjoy a variety of dishes at this contemporary restaurant directly behind Zutphen railway station. These include a broad offering of vegetarian dishes, and 90% certified organic food.
Address: Lijmerij 27

Stadsbrouwerij Cambrinus
Try the best of home-brewed special beers in the centre of Zutphen here. This Stadsbrouwerij, or City Brewery, boasts both a cafe section and a Medieval tasting room and a great terrace. And it’s not just beer – you can order a great lunch or dinner as well.
Address: Houtmarkt 56

Accessibility and parking in Zutphen

Zutphen lies somewhat more than an hour’s drive away from the capital city of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Public transportation is also an excellent option. If by car, keep an eye out as to where you may and may not park. Zutphen charges parking fees Mondays through Saturdays from 08:00 to 18:00 and on Friday evenings (late opening night) to 21:00.


Whether your preference is for low-budget hotels, romantic hotels or bed & breakfasts, Zutphen has the perfect accommodation for any taste and budget. View the extensive range and book your ideal accommodations here!

More around Zutphen

If you are in Zutphen and feel like seeing more of the surroundings, we have a number of tips to share. Apeldoorn, for instance, is a city you do not want to miss, and Arnhem and Doetinchem are further examples of historic and extremely enjoyable cities that deserve a visit.

Editor’s tip

With so many Hanseatic towns so close together, it is a great idea to rent a bicycle and visit a number of them. The cities have numerous shops, museums and restaurants, and their environments of forested river dunes, castles and watersides are breathtakingly beautiful.

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