De Meinweg -
Photo: © Petra Lenssen

De Meinweg

Meinweg 2
6075NA Herkenbosch

Middle Limburg has a beautiful rolling countryside and you will be amazed by the varied nature especially at De Meinweg National Park, east of Roermond. De Meinweg has a so-called a terraced landscape. This means that there are three plateaus, the highest of which is 80 meters above sea level. The hilly landscape was largely formed by sediment that was deposited over the centuries by the Rhine and Meuse, but earthquakes have also contributed.

Nature at De Meinweg

If you go on a hiking trip through De Meinweg National Park, then one moment you're walking through forests and the next moment on dry or wet heath with ponds and streams. There are over one hundred species of birds in the area, and lizards, snakes, vipers, frogs, toads, boars, martens, stoats, foxes and dozens of butterfly species.

Hiking trails and activities

If you would like to hike through the nature reserve De Meinweg, you can take three routes. The white, red and blue trails lead you through the area and along the most beautiful parts. The routes are "only" 4 to 7 kilometers long, but please do take into account the extra effort needed for going up and down hills.

At the visitor center you can also schedule a hiking trip accompanied by a guide. Depending on the time of year, the guide will take you to see special mushrooms or flowering heather. Children's activities are also organized regularly and a specially designed children's nature guidebook and quest map are available.

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