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Viergrenzenweg 97
6291BM Vaals

Tripoint (‘Het Drielandenpunt’) in Vaals is a tripoint where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. With a height of 323 meter it is also the highest point of the Netherlands (excluding the Caribbean Netherlands). More than just being an important symbolic and geographical spot, the tripoint also offers some fun attractions.

  • The place where the borders of Holland, Belgium and Germany meet.
  • Enjoy the fantastic view from the highest point in Holland.
  • Get lost in the labyrinth.

Labyrinth and Viewing Point

One of the most spectacular views can be found at the Drielandenpunt. You can climb up to a viewing point from which you can survey the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. From up there, you can also see how people get lost in the nearby labyrinth. There are also group activities, such as laser-gaming and skeet shooting lessons.


After enjoying the activities and discovering the interesting history of the tripoint you might be a bit hungry. Luckily there’s a restaurant that is known for its great pancakes. The tripoint can best be reach by car and otherwise by bus.

More in the area

Maastricht is a beautiful city at approximately 40 minutes driving from Vaals. It is highly recommended to visit this city when you are in Vaals. It is one of the oldest cities in Holland with many churches, big squares and shops.


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