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Photo: © VVV Zuid-Limburg

Hoensbroek Castle

Klinkertstraat 118
6433PB Hoensbroek

Located in the province of Zuid-Limburg, Hoensbroek Castle is one of the largest and most beautiful castles in Holland. Hoensbroek is a castle museum which offers adventure hunts for children, and for adults, collections featuring fashions and objects dating back centuries. During your visit, you can read more about the ancient sagas and legends of this Limburg castle. Many events are also held in and around the castle, so be sure to check out what’s going on if you’re in the area!

Ballrooms and creepy cellars

The oldest part of the castle dates from 1250. While passing through over 40 splendid castle chambers, you will take a journey back through time. Discover the magnificent ballroom, feel shivers run down your spine in the dungeon, and climb the 60 meter (almost 200 feet) high fortified medieval lookout tower.

Activities for children

Hoensbroek Castle organizes various workshops including perfume-making, fencing, birds of prey and falconry, shepherding, archery and clay pigeon shooting. What could be more fun than participating in all these activities dressed in typical castle attire?

For the adults, put on a pair of good hiking shoes and explore one of the many hiking trails around Hoensbroek Castle - some even allow for hikes of two to three hours!

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