Searching for white gold -

Searching for white gold

Enjoy Limburg, where they know how to live the good life, in spring! Discover the southernmost province’s beautiful landscape and learn how asparagus is grown and cooked. You will have a wonderful time!

  • Enjoy culinary Limburg.
  • Take an asparagus tour and learn more about asparagus culture.
  • Taste the unique flavour of asparagus, which is nicknamed ‘white gold’.

Peace, space, nature and culture – if you are looking for the good life, Limburg is the place to be. The pace of life here is a little gentler, temperatures are (usually) slightly higher, and its people know the meaning of good food. Not only does this province boast countless great restaurants and welcoming cafés, it is also the region where the best asparagus is grown (and eaten)!

Eat them as fresh as you can

Asparagus has rightfully earned itself nicknames like ‘white gold’ and ‘queen among vegetables’. It is indeed a very flavourful vegetable, which is traditionally harvested and enjoyed in Limburg from the second Thursday in April. They are available only for a short while, so why not go on a culinary exploration and discover asparagus in its own environment?

Asparagus routes

Limburg offers many asparagus routes, allowing you to explore the asparagus fields and farms and enjoy a flavourful lunch or dinner with asparagus at a good restaurant. One of these beautiful bicycle routes starts in Arcen and takes you past Grubbenvorst and Lottum. You will cycle a total distance of about 47 kilometres and along the way visit Museum de Locht. This authentic ‘long facade farm’ houses the National Asparagus and Mushroom Museum. Don’t forget to try the wonderful asparagus dishes at In de Witte Dame (‘The White Lady’) on the central square in Grubbenvorst.

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