The adventurous Valkenburg


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Valkenburg is a town in the south of Holland and is part of the province Limburg. It is known as the Christmas Town of the Netherlands, where you can see, smell, hear and taste Christmas in everything. The Christmas market in the Municipal Cave belongs to the 10 of the best Christmas market worldwide and is a visit worth for sure! It is situated at the bottom of the Cauberg and the doors are open yearly from around the 14th November 2014 to 23th December.

Also a must see is the amazing Christmas parade with a magical parade of beautiful decorated floats, acts and dancers in enchanting costumes that goes on a specially composed  Christmas song across the whole center of Valkenburg and can be seen every Wednesday at 7:00pm and on Saturdays at 7:30pm.

Growing up in Germany I’ve seen a lot of Christmas markets, but no Christmas market enchanted me like a little child like the beautiful Christmas Market of Valkenburg.

Not only in the winter, but also in the summer is Valkenburg a real action Town. Valkenburg has a lot to offer for avid bikers such as the Amstel Gold Race. This tour goes through the beautiful hilly landscape of the province Limburg that offers a lot of beauty and nature, same as a lot fun and action. The most adventurous thing to do is is the underground cave bike tour.

The mine that has been put to use as one of a kind underground bike trail, guided and 70 kilometer long. For the 90 minute long tour you get supplied with everything you need, including an equipped with a light. People won’t believe they can get lost, but this can happen easily when another tour group is passing and you continue the tour with them by mistake. No worries for this the guides have a solution. Every few minutes the guide shout outs the last biker’s name that needs to be repeated by each biker, one after the other until the last biker confirms that the group is complete. In case a part of the group gets lost, the whole group needs to stop and the guide goes and gets the rest of the group. We got lost a few times, but got found by our guide very fast. It is an experience you won’t forget – fun and a bit scary too.

About the blogger:
Marcel Sieradzki works for and lives in Amsterdam for over 3 years. Marcel Sieradzki participated in the Booking Cares project and loves adventurous sports in the nature of Holland and likes to explore the must see eco-sustainable hotspots of this small but beautiful country.

Booking Cares is the CSR program of where the employees get one day a year from to do volunteer work. They can work on something that matters to the local community and at the same time can have a real impact on making tourism in our destinations sustainable. Booking Cares collaborated with to highlight green and sustainable activities for the destination Holland by personal stories.