Valkenburg aan de Geul


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Valkenburg aan de Geul is a small community which has long been a real tourist magnet. People come here to discover the mines and caves with their drawings that date back to Roman times; another attraction is the Valkenburg castle from which you can observe the glorious landscape of Limburg.

  • Visit the caves in Valkenburg.
  • Climb the Netherlands' only hill castle.
  • Relax in the 32 degree warm water of the Thermae 2000 spa.

What can you do in Valkenburg?

There is lots to see and do in Valkenburg and its surroundings. Valkenburg itself is most known for its marl caves.

In Valkenburg, or rather under Valkenburg, the ‘municipal caves’ open a fascinating world to you. Marl used to be mined here and today visitors can (on foot or on an excursion train) explore the caves in which the Romans mined marl about 2000 years ago.

Another cave in Valkenburg is the Fluweelengrot which lies under the castle’s ruins. This labyrinth of tunnels was only discovered in 1937. It served the knights and the castle’s inhabitants as a means of escape in the event of the castle being seized by enemies.

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The Netherlands’ only hill castle towers over Valkenburg. The castle, which dates back to the 11th century, is now only a ruin but offers a fantastic view over Valkenburg.

In Valkenburg you will also find spa and wellness facilities, such as Thermae 2000 where you can bathe in a modern spa in over 40,000-year-old water - and at a pleasant temperature of 32 degrees.

If you travel to Valkenburg by train then you should definitely look out for Valkenburg’s railway station; it is one of the oldest railway stations in the Netherlands.

There are two theme parks in Valkenburg: the Valkenier family-friendly amusement park and the Sprookjesbos (‘enchanted forest’) theme park. You will get a thrill on the ghost train and rollercoasters in the Valkenier amusement park and enchanting experiences for younger children at Sprookjesbos.

Of course you should also visit the wonderful city of Maastricht if you are on holiday in Valkenburg. Maastricht has an unbelievable amount to offer: from culture to shopping to outstanding restaurants.

Events in Valkenburg

Are you interested in cycle racing? Then you can come to Valkenburg in April when the Amstel Gold Race is held. This race is a hard tour thanks to its several mountain stages and a distance of about 250 kilometres.

From the middle of November to the start of January, Christmas spirit spreads throughout Valkenburg aan de Geul. Valkenburg transforms into a ‘Kerststad’, a Christmas city. Christmas markets are held in the caves and a Christmas parade snakes through the city.

Excursion destinations in the area

Fancy power shopping? Then go to Roermond! There you will not only find many shops in the city centre but also an entire designer outlet centre with 150 shops! Heerlen is also worth a visit if you are interested in culture. There is a thermal bath and a mining museum in Heerlen. Still more to discover? Landgraaf invites you to go walking and cycling. Throughout the province of Limburg where you will also find water mills, gardens and a very varied, hilly landscape.

Accomodation tips

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