Noord-Brabant -


The bon-vivant province of Noord-Brabant is one of Holland’s most diverse provinces. To begin with, it offers multiple cities worth visiting, each with a rich culture expressed through beautiful monuments, museums and more. Brabant is also a province full of great opportunities for cycling and hiking through gorgeous nature reserves, and on top of that takes pride in its culinary tradition and high-quality local produce. In other words: Brabant has all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday!

  • Visit cultural cities such as Den Bosch, Breda and Eindhoven.
  • Enjoy culinary highlights and delicious local produce.
  • Discover the region where Vincent van Gogh was born, and learn more about his life and works in many unique locations.
  • See the works of the famous painter Jeroen Bosch in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center.

Must-sees in Noord-Brabant

Brabant has much to offer indeed, but there are a number of highlights that you simply cannot afford to miss. A visit to at least one of the province’s historic cities, to begin with, is strongly recommended. Breda is a former Nassau town full of historic monuments, and Den Bosch, too, is famous for its many ancient monuments such as St. John’s Cathedral. Den Bosch is also home to no less than 7 museums, among which Het NoordBrabants museum, with works by Vincent van Gogh.  

Art and culture

Noord-Brabant is also a rich province in the field of art and culture. First of all, Vincent van Gogh was born there, and it is therefore home to many unique locations that give insight into Van Gogh’s life and his early works. Noord-Brabant also has another famous painter: Jheronimus Bosch. And for the design aficionados there is the city of Eindhoven, also known as the design capital of Holland.


Noord-Brabant’s gorgeous nature is a sight to see in any season! Its splendid forests, meandering brooks, outstretched heaths and enormous sand drifts – the largest in Western Europe – make the province one of breath-taking beauty. Its nature reserves are perfect for walking and cycling.


Noord-Brabant is a province of bon vivants, and that fact is reflected in the amount of Michelin-starred restaurants, its fantastic lower-budget restaurants, and pleasant terraces and cafes. Noord-Brabant also has exquisite local produce, such as asparagus, strawberries, anchovies and even caviar!

With children

If you’re holidaying in Noord-Brabant with children, a visit to the theme park de Efteling, full of fairy tales and roller coasters, guarantees a great day. Another great attraction is safari park de Beekse Bergen, the largest wildlife park in Holland with over 100 different animals – fun for the whole family!

Visit Noord-Brabant

Noord-Brabant is a diverse province where you and your family will have a wonderful holiday at any time of the year. From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Den Bosch is but an hour away by direct train. All major cities in Noord-Brabant have excellent train connections with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.


A trip to one of Brabant’s cities, or a week of relaxation in the gorgeous natural landscape: view the range of hotels and holiday homes in Noord-Brabant.

All about North Brabant

North Brabant has many delights to offer including nature reserve De Biesbosch, museums and attractions for young and old.