Vincent van GoghHuis in Zundert -
North Brabant

Vincent van GoghHuis in Zundert

Markt 26-27
4881CN Zundert
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Visit the place where Vincent van Gogh was born and raised. The Vincent van GoghHuis in Zundert contains much information about his life and organises special exhibitions on a regular basis.

  • Visit the Vincent van GoghHuis and learn about his early years.
  • View the work of artists inspired by Van Gogh.
  • Explore the surroundings with a wonderful pedestrian or bicycle route.

Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert on 30 March 1853, the son of a preacher. A noteworthy detail is that Vincent was actually the second Vincent van Gogh: his brother and namesake died just a year before Vincent’s birth. He grew up as a Protestant child in a predominantly Catholic community and did not go attend a regular school, but was homeschooled instead.

A glimpse into young Van Gogh’s life

Vincent van Gogh’s unique life is even more tangible in Zundert, where he was born, particularly in the place where he grew up. The Vincent van GoghHuis, where digital presentations allow you to discover this famous artist’s younger years, stands where the home in which he grew up once stood.


Just around the corner, you can still find the church in which Vincent’s father used to preach and the grave of his older brother and namesake. The Vincent van GoghHuis is also the start point of several pedestrian and bicycle tours through the area that shaped Vincent’s early years.


Even today, Vincent van Gogh is a great source of inspiration for many artists, particularly the many Expressionists and Fauvists. Artists still gather in Zundert and its surroundings, which is clear from the varying exhibitions organised in the Vincent van GoghHuis.

Van Gogh

In the footsteps of Van Gogh

Visit the most beautiful Van Gogh locations and learn everything there is to learn about the life and works of one of the most famous artists of all time.

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