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Aalsmeer is located right in the middle of Holland’s flower growing region. It makes sense that the world’s biggest flower auction house is also located in this village: Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer. Flowers are transported around the world from this hive of activity. Visiting the flower auction house is definitely worth your while.

  • Visit the world's biggest flower auction house
  • Enjoy the beautiful natural landscape around the Westeinderplassen lakes
  • Near Schiphol

Flower parade

Once every year, the Aalsmeer Flower Parade becomes the center of attention in the eponymous village. A ribbon of flower floats three kilometers long travels from Aalsmeer through Amstelveen to Dam Square in Amsterdam. The huge floats are embellished with over one million flowers. Your eyes and nose will enjoy the wealth of colors and scents!

Natural beauty at Westeinderplassen

If you love cycling and walking, you will find plenty to do around Aalsmeer. The Westeinderplassen lakes, for instance, make for excellent swimming, sailing, windsurfing, rowing and boating. The Westeinderplassen consist of a big lake surrounded by several smaller lakes. All of them are interconnected through a network of narrow canals. Many birds feel right at home here and rare plants and fishes are spotted on a regular basis. The Westeinderplassen are also much loved for their pleasant marinas, the surfing island, and countless possibilities for spending time on the banks near the water.

Flora Holland

The branch of Flora Holland in Aalsmeer is open to visitors. Every morning on weekdays, you can see how flowers and plants are auctioned off.

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