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North Holland

Callantsoog: a relaxing resort

Callantsoog is a small, tranquil resort on the North Holland coast. If you're looking for peace and relaxation, you'll get your money's worth here. The beach in Callantsoog is so white, it practically gleams. Here there is plenty of space for relaxing, sunbathing and bathing - even in peak season.

  • The white sandy beach of Callantsoog is 3.5 km long.
  • The town of Callantsoog, with 2,600 residents, lies directly behind the dunes.
  • Take a break to go walking, cycling or sailing!

Nature reserve between tulips and dunes

In spring, the tulips bloom in the calciferous soils of the region. Hyacinths, narcissus and crocuses also thrive very well in the sandy, slightly salty earth. The flower fields are in full bloom from mid-April to June. Incidentally, the flower region around Callantsoog is very easy to cross by bicycle. At Callantsoog, this landscape fits perfectly into a dune area. An oasis of calm, a natural area with moors, dune valleys, lakes and forests, lies in the shadow of these dunes. This unique nature reserve, 'Het Zwanenwater', is home to rare flora and fauna. Herring gulls, gray herons, common gulls and spoonbills all feel at home here. Sheer, endless paths run through this unspoiled nature near Callantsoog. For example, a 5 km long walking route has been mapped out through the Zwanenwater nature reserve by the Dutch conservation organization Natuurmonumenten. The starting point is the parking lot at Zuidschinkeldijk in Callantsoog.

Beach life in Callantsoog

Naturally, the bright sandy beach is the main attraction of Callantsoog. Even nudists will find a 2.5 km long beach section of their own (in Dutch: naturistenstrand), south of the Woest beach restaurant. Tip: If you're spending your day at the North Sea beach, keep your eye out for seals. Some of these adorable marine animals often swim around the coast. However, four-legged animals - i.e. dogs - are also welcome at the beach at Callantsoog. Nevertheless, they should always stay on-leash between May 1 and October 1 (however, in the evenings and early mornings - more specifically, between 7 PM and 9 AM - they can wander freely around the beach).

Things to see and do around Callantsoog

A variety of markets take place in Callantsoog during the summer months; in the months of July and August, a street market is held in the center of Callantsoog (Dorpsplein), and a flea market on Sundays. You can purchase some interesting pieces there. Equally steeped in history, an amazing cornucopia of discoveries washed up by the sea can be seen in the Juttersmuseum Callantsoog (Mineweg 1). Jutter, by the way, is the Dutch name for beachcombers.

Trips in the area surrounding Callantsoog

  • You should also visit the marine museum in Den Helder with the three imposing museum ships, which include a genuine submarine, as well as several model ships, weapons, uniforms and works of art.
  • If you're in Den Helder, you can take the ferry to Texel. In only 20 minutes, you'll be at the lovely island, where dunes, coastal forest and a 30 km long sandy beach await you.
  • Around Callantsoog, you'll find a wide variety of landscape types and nature reserves, such as the polders of Balgzand and the dunes of Petten, which are among the widest and highest dunes in the Netherlands.
  • Experience Callantsoog from the North Sea, which invites you to come sailing, surfing and boating.
  • Countless nature routes invites walkers and cyclists to wander throught the polder landscape. The Dutch coastal route also passes Callantsoog.
  • Other wonderful coastal areas include Bergen aan Zee and Egmond aan Zee, which can reflect on a long long tradition as health resorts on the Dutch coast.
  • From the Hippolytushoef site, interested parties can set out on a mudflat hiking tour with De Groot Recreatie, or boat tours to the seal colonies.

Location of Callantsoog, and getting there

The tranquil resort of Callantsoog is located in North Holland on the North Sea coast, and can easily be reached by car – either via the spectacular Afsluitdijk or via Amsterdam. There are plenty of parking lots in the coastal area, and you can park for an hour for free with a parking disk. Otherwise, there are six large parking lots available to you. If you want to travel by public transport, take the Intercity from Amsterdam to Schagen. From there, take the bus to Callantsoog.

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