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Spaarnwoude is the recreational area between Haarlem, Amsterdam and Velsen. Spaarnwoude is a big area of three thousand hectares covered in forests, meadows and ponds and brooks. Visitors come to Spaarnwoude to relax and engage in a range of (sporty) activities.

  • Escape from the bustle of Haarlem and Amsterdam.
  • Spaarnwoude is the perfect location for sportive activities.
  • There are playgrounds and a farm for children.

Sportive in Spaarnwoude

If you want to get out of Haarlem or Amsterdam and enjoy a day in natural surroundings, Spaarnwoude is the perfect destination. Pick up a club on the green at Golfbaan Spaarnwoude, rent a boat at one of the marinas, or test your mettle at the Spaarnwoude Climbing Wall. You can also enjoy cycling, hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, canoeing, and even go skiing on an indoor ski slope!

Spaarnwoude for children

Of course there are plenty of fun activities for children, too. Spaarnwoude has several play meadows and beaches. Information Farm Zorgvrij is a particular favourite with families visiting Spaarnwoude. This dairy cow and sheep farm welcomes children and lets them participate in the farmer’s life.

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