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North Holland

The family resort of Egmond aan Zee

The small town of Egmond aan Zee is in North Holland, only 10 km away from the cheese town of Alkmaar. In Egmond aan Zee, you can enjoy the kilometre-long beach, go for a walk to the lighthouse, or explore the dunes by bicycle.

  • The seaside resort served as a health resort for Dutch children in the 1950s.
  • You can learn more about the place and the church that sank into the sea in the Egmond Museum.
  • The lovely North Holland Dune Reserve lies south of Egmond aan Zee.
Egmond aan Zee is part of the municipality of Egmond, together with the districts of Egmond Binnen and Egmond aan de Hoef. The district of Egmond aan Zee lies directly on the North Sea coast and possesses a kilometre-long fine sandy beach − the ideal destination for a family holiday with a large selection of accommodations.

Enjoy the beach and sea

Thanks to its location directly by the sea, Egmond possesses a promenade which gives you a view of the sea; from there, you can see the monumental 'Van Speyk' lighthouse from 1834, and the historic fishermen's houses which characterise the centre of Egmond. At the beach, you'll find plenty of beach pavilions which invite you to come for a drink or a typical local meal. 

An ideal place for city trips

Egmond is only 10 km away from the historic city of Alkmaar, famous for its cheese market. You can even easily cover this distance by bicycle. A visit to the town of Haarlem, steeped in tradition with its canals, gable houses and drawbridges, is also a must.

The splendour of tulips in the spring

Not far from Egmond lie the magnificent Dutch tulip fields. The splendour begins in the middle of March with crocus blossoms. Narcissus and hyacinths are next to arrive. And from the middle of April, the tulips bloom in a glorious array of colours. You can find the largest variety of flowers in the famous Keukenhof, which you can reach from Egmond by car in about three-quarters of an hour.

Peaceful, yet diverse

Egmond aan Zee is a real family resort - with a long beach, lovely beach cafés and enough room to play. But the place also offers plenty of variety: homemade candles, beer and cheese are sold in historic abbey. The North Holland Dune Reserve invites you to go for a walk. And plenty of activities, such as guided tours, are on offer in the three districts of Egmond.

Great culinary offer

A visit to a beach pavilion is certainly one of the most worthwhile activities during a holiday on the Dutch coast. An opulent breakfast by the sea, a quick snack at midday or a stylish dinner watching the sun go down – it’s all waiting for you at a multitude of inviting beach pavilions. Further inward, high-quality restaurants serve the finest meals from the Dutch cuisine.

Holiday homes and apartments in Egmond aan Zee

Live like the locals... in Egmond, many individual holiday apartments and studios are rented out in typical Dutch houses; with cosy roof beams, a view of the lighthouse or with their own terraces on the dunes.

Seaside sightseeing

A magical artists' town is Bergen, which includes the neighbouring seaside resort of Bergen aan Zee. Thousands of sun-worshippers enjoy the kilometre-long beach every year, and Holland's widest and highest dunes. Zandvoort is also known for its lively beaches, but also for its racetrack in the dunes. The seaside town of Callantsoog is calmer, and you can find a quiet spot on its 3.5 km long beach, even in peak season. North of Callantsoog lies the seaside resort of Julianadorp aan Zee, named for the former Dutch Queen Juliana. Walk a little further north, and you'll stumble upon Den Helder. This maritime port town invites you in with an exciting museum, where you can even feast your eyes on a submarine.

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